Broward Academy

Teaching children with autism and related disabilities including intellectual disabilities, hearing/visually impaired, behavioral difficulties, language delays, traumatic brain injuries, and learning disabilities.

What We Offer

Our students are placed in groups according to their age and ability where they can work on their own individualized learning program and in small groups to reach their goals. In addition to a one-on-one ABA program, we offer intensive reading, math, and writing instruction as well as instruction in social skills, vocational skills, and life skills.


Comprehensive and individual teaching programs with a focus on language acquisition, academics, and social/relationship skills.


We provide after-school programs that offer specialized one-on -one therapy to all students of Broward Academy.


Tailored programs (OT,SP/L, Behavioral, classroom) so that goals are worked on in all environments and learning is generalized.


All our techniques are research-based and data-driven.


Teaching both at the table and in the natural environment for generalization and fluency.


We offer many types of therapies that are fun and engaging such as Music, Yoga, Zumba and Swimming.

How We Work

Our students are placed in ability groups where they work on their own individual academic program.  As each student progresses within their ability group they are encouraged to move onto the next skill level.  We also offer intensive reading, writing, and math skill programs.

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Our Services

We also pair academic instruction with programs and therapies that teach social skills, art, dance, physical education, science, and social studies.

Broward Academy has been serving students with autism and related disabilities since 2006.


Our Mission is to help each individual learn the skills needed to be happy, productive, successful, and as independent as possible!