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About Broward Academy

Broward Academy has been serving students with autism and related disabilities since 2006.

We use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to develop and increase language, build academic knowledge, acquire appropriate social skills, teach vocational skills, build functional skills, and reduce inappropriate and maladaptive behaviors.

Broward Academy provides intensive, individualized instruction for each student by developing a teaching prgram specific to each student that is delivered both in one-to-one teaching, and in small group settings.  Language acquisition and communication is a major focus since language has a profound impact on a person’s life and learning.

All teaching is data-driven utilizing the Assessment for Basic Language and Learning (ABLLS), the DAR, The Brigance, daily probes, and other methods.  Communication to parents on student performance is conducted on a regular basis.  Parents and other professionals who work with the student are encouraged to collaborate on educational planning to promote a more streamlined approach to learning.

Our Mission is to help each individual learn the skills needed to be happy, productive, successful, and as independent as possible!


Students learn in a group setting
Students works on his own